Toula Papadam, author of children’s books

I am Toula Papadam, casual school teacher and writer of two children’s books:

  • “Oh My!” Said the Fly written for young children 3-6 years of age, published in 2013 and
  • Lex written for children 7-9 years of age, published in 2016.

As a visiting author, I am available for guest appearances at primary schools, preschools, libraries and special events. My presentation of my books to children include interactive educational activities.

For bookings or inquiries, contact Toula here.

I am currently working on more books. I have also been published in FreeXpression, a monthly magazine featuring poetry and short stories of local writers.

I am also Vice President of the Liverpool branch of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (LFAW). This is a small but talented group of local writers who meet each month in Liverpool. In 2015, the members of the LFAW collectively produced and published an anthology of poetry and short stories called “Roaring Silence”. There is a collection of my own poems and stories in this anthology.